Free diving with dolphin - Mambo with two dolphins

今晚花了時間熬夜,總算把這部影片編輯出來, 剛剪接完畢後一直苦惱要找什麼樣的音樂來搭配, 好襯托出我當時的感受, 後來多虧女王幫忙挑了好聽的配樂,"Keane under the iron sea"裡的單曲"Atlantic", 感覺非常適合,那空靈與優雅的旋律搭配起來特別有ful. 

這段短片是做來紀念那段與大花以及飛寶共度的短暫水下時光,雖然牠們看不到,但我會永遠記得這一段牠們帶給我如美夢般的真實感受. 對了,還要謝謝好兄弟Kevin Kuo提供了好用的影片編輯工具!!

~ Share with my friends and all the divers  hope you guys like it!!

Free diver dancing mambo with two dolphins at Farglory Ocean Park, Hualien, Taiwan. This is one of the most memorable and breathtaking moments in my life. Thank the active bottlenose dolphin (飛寶) and the lovely Risso's dolphin (大花) for spending time playing with me.