Swimming with dolphins

Save the Ocean Cherish the Marine Lives~

What an unique experience!!  This is one of the most unforgetable moment in my life.  Yes, I did swim with dolphin two years ago  Althought it happened in the dolphin pool of Haw-Lien Marine Park, it still gave me a very touching moment of interacting with such a beautiful marine animal.

I encourage everyone of my friends in Taiwan to give it a try.  As I know, Haw-Lien Marine Park is one of very few marines parks in the whole world to provide such program.  Many tourists from Europe and the rest of world flying to Taiwan just for getting such experience.

In about 40 mins of interaction with dolphin in the pool, Sasa, the name of the dophin, led me swiming across the pool.  She even allowed me to hold on her fins and dancing in the pool.  Wow!! she must be the most special lady I had ever danced with.

The interaction with Sasa let me understand the importance to cherish all marine animal.  I can hardly describe the feeling how I enjoy the moment staying with dolphin.  Just like some scientists said, to interact with such intelligent marine life, it brings human being a feeling of "being purified" in both mind and heart.    Moreover, it make me feel free in soul for a moment.

"Sasa, I will come back to visit you again."  I made a promise in my heart while I left.....