Rendezvous with the jellyfish squad

Save the Ocean Cherish the Marine Lives~

靜靜的...我們無聲的滑進湖裡...在夕陽染紅湖面之, 在這個墨綠色的神秘王國裡進行跨物種的對話...

特別是當我往下潛至較深之處, 整個人被數以千計的水母團團包圍, 有那麼一刻我真的搞不清楚湖面在哪裡時, 那種感覺好像真的掉到了另一個星球~~

My 1st baby, oh no, 1st baby jellyfish lah...

Where do u think u are going, JF?

A nice & gentle pat on the jelly "cap"

Alien falling "out of the blue" into the jellyfish lake

Jellyfish in full blossom

A JF loner floating in the sky

A live demo of "twin jellyfish"

Can I take u home?

Mayday, mayday... Jellyfish in danger!!!

Mighty JF general granting us a tour in his kingdom

A freediver's encounter with JF beauties

Kiss goodbye?